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    The head of state discovered that something was wrong and immediately ordered the German troops in the Belgian and Rhineland battlefields to withdraw to Berlin. Model and Kesselring did their best to withdraw their troops to Berlin. However, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of troops was not an easy task, Allied bombers heavily bombed railways and bridges, the army even followed them, vowing to destroy them. destroy them all! In fact, at this time, it was in the best interest of the US, Britain and France to let the two armies return to Berlin and match wits with the Soviet army. German army. They had to pay a heavy price almost equivalent to the total losses over the past three years. They defeated and destroyed all the strong teams that had great merit in the battle, and every famous general surrounded by the halo of honor was chased out of the hall by them, turning into a disheveled person. , the general overthrew the army, suffered nearly a million casualties in just a few months, this feud was too deep, the humiliation of three disastrous defeats in Italy, Belgium, and the Rhineland made every Allied general regret it. forget, especially the American army, gritted their teeth, under this context, they could not let the Germans return! Everyone knows that World War II is about to end. If the German army lets go now, they will never have a chance to avenge their hatred. Fight, kill me!

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    That so-called reason originated from the fact that Lin Xuewei accidentally mentioned it in a "for your own good" tone, but Zhengxiang's original body "licked" it at that time and believed it and did it immediately.

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    The waters of Okinawa were filled with gunpowder smoke, the roar of fighter jet engines echoed in the sky, radio waves moved at the speed of light in a sky filled with hysterical roars. Hundreds of American warships fired anti-aircraft guns fiercely into the sky, the dense firepower turned the sky red and purple like molten iron, fighter jets painted with menstrual symbols wriggled through the fire net, fighter jets were continuously hit. enemy shot. - aircraft gun. When the cannonball hit, it turned into a beautiful fireball, and burning pieces of aluminum scattered everywhere, like cherry blossoms wilting in frustration. The American military was undoubtedly crazy, the red anti-aircraft artillery barrels were still firing wildly, completely ignoring the possibility that the artillery could explode. The Japanese army was even crazier, people and machines rushed down together. , disappeared into a mass of fire that soared into the sky. The warships were constantly being hit. Once the sailors were hit, flesh and blood would splash everywhere. From afar, fragments of the ship's hull and limbs could be seen flying high, extremely tragic. The Japanese military is really crazy, completely using precious fighter planes and pilots as cannon fodder. As long as it can sink an American warship, or even damage it, it's worth it! They also used a large number of Baga bombs in suicide attacks, which are heavy balloon bombs containing tons of TNT explosives, controlled by a team of special forces with exceptionally skinny bodies. Like eyes, it rushed towards the American warship at a speed of 800 km per hour. Not to mention the scum of cruisers and battleships, even the battleship Iowa would be paralyzed if hit by a single blow! Many ships were hit by this thing, sank or were seriously damaged, and the US military suffered heavy losses.

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    That was just the first wave of damage caused by the hydrogen bomb explosion!

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    Light aircraft operating on aircraft carriers are indeed much easier and cheaper than heavy aircraft operating on aircraft carriers. Although heavy aircraft operating on aircraft carriers are powerful, they burn a lot of money. , because of this, the F-14 was eliminated by the F-14 -18. Of course, saving money with light carrier-based aircraft is saving money, but the price to pay is that the attack range and combat effectiveness are greatly reduced. There is nothing in this world that is best of both worlds. Xue Jianqiang doesn't dare to play with heavy aircraft carrier-based, thank God if he can play with light ones!

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    The roads were wide and the horse-drawn carriage industry was also prosperous.

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    The intense light that exploded at this moment was ten thousand times more dazzling than the sun in the sky. Heaven and earth were filled with this dazzling white color, all images and sounds melted under the brilliant white light. This. sporadic.

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    But the people in Baiyu City felt that the sky suddenly darkened, as if they went directly from the blue sky to the night.

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    Behind Colonel Eugene's stubborn arrogance lies the rivalry between China and the Soviet Union on the Indochina peninsula. Entering Vietnam, accepting surrender and attacking the enemy's coastal defense, China's influence in Vietnam rose to an unprecedented level. The Soviet Union did not want to provide that much military aid to China in a supporting role. The Kremlin hoped the Soviet Union would lead the war of liberation in the Indochina peninsula. Currently, the Kremlin is negotiating with the head of the Viet Minh, proposing to lease Cam Ranh Bay to the Soviet Pacific Fleet as a military base. In that context, it was reasonable for Colonel Eugene to command the Viet Minh army to pre-emptively attack and refuse support from the Chinese Foreign Legion.

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "I will give you some more money, what's the problem!"

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    Just as he was talking, Oshiroto Sanji arrived and gave a telegram to Okamura Ningji.

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    After the artillery sound subsided a bit, the 2nd company of the Japanese army mobilized to fiercely attack the forward positions, causing casualties of the commandos to pile up. However, when the Japanese army approached 300 meters, the Type 85 high-altitude dual-purpose heavy machine gun, Type 80 general-purpose machine gun and Type 56 squad machine gun jointly greeted them. accurate, and almost every shell that falls will rain blood. The Japanese army was rushing straight into the wall of bullets, and was crushed to the point of not being able to raise its head. Needless to say, the power of the 85 type anti-aircraft machine gun, one shot can turn six or seven Japanese soldiers into mutton skewers, the power is truly terrifying, the 80 type multi-purpose machine gun also impressed the Japanese army because While fighting in the plains, troops in Henan and Hebei complained that Type 56 squad machine guns could not meet the combat needs of effective range or lethality, and they were often outgunned by machine guns. Heavy Type 92 suppresses shooting, so Xue Jianqiang urgently bought them a large number of Type 80 general-purpose machine guns. This thing is an imitation of the Soviet PKM general-purpose machine gun, and is also a gun. The multi-purpose machine has the best performance in our army, whether in firepower, accuracy or usability, it far surpasses the Type 67 series of multi-purpose machine guns that our army is equipped with in large numbers, even Even more overwhelming is the Type 88 multi-purpose machine gun. The Type 88 multi-purpose machine gun is a small-caliber machine gun, not as powerful as a medium-caliber all-purpose machine gun, and must use heavy ammunition to ensure lethality. bullets, but regular bullets will be poor. significantly reduced. The Type 67 and Type 88 have problems, the Type 80 multi-purpose machine gun also doesn't exist. If not, then who should we choose? Now, these 80-type multi-purpose machine guns did not disappoint Xue Jianqiang's love. When the gunner repeatedly pulled the trigger, the fired bullets converged into a stream of fire and rushed straight into the area where the Japanese troops were. Any Japanese army who dares to raise their heads will only die!

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    Dear Colonel Eugene, with the attitude of taking responsibility for liberating the Indochina peninsula, we sincerely hope that you can launch the attack in one month. In just one month, a Mosquito combat team will be deployed in Vietnam. Provide you with air support, and then the battle will be much easier!

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    Lieutenant Colonel Burundi, Commander of the 2nd Parachute Regiment, pointed to the flashing light in the sky in the distance: "The Viet Minh's artillery fired very fiercely and they were quite accurate. Most of the shells fell accurately." exact position of our troops".

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    After venting his anger, he ordered the sappers: "After we cross the river, you will lay mines in the river! Within 100 km, any place suitable for crossing the river will be laid!"

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    From Berlin to Bavaria to Hamburg and Kiel, these regions are the essence of Germany, a large amount of Germany's cutting-edge technological research is located in this region, and most of Germany's outstanding engineering talent also concentrated in this area, occupied this area. It can be said that the Soviet army had the upper hand in looting, and they robbed a lot of money, and even China made a lot of money. a lot of money. The Allied forces were blockaded hundreds of kilometers from Berlin and suffered heavy losses. The army could not enter, so looting was very difficult. This is also the reason why the allies are upset, Mao Tu's eating and drinking are so ugly! However, the United States and Britain worked together to hijack three German helicopters and an engineering team, which can be considered a victory. But this can only be considered a consolation prize. Mai Anh gritted her teeth when she was defeated, damn it, we miss you!

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    It can no longer be classified as "human" and belongs to the true demon.

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    It is worth mentioning that the Chinese Foreign Legion is currently growing stronger. In the past few months, the wave of liquidation of Nazi crimes spread throughout Europe, both the American army and the Soviet army have never been bored, especially the American army, a large number of German veterans have disappeared in the Rhine camp and the crematorium became a chimney. Soot escaped. Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries even forced the German army to remove mines placed on their territory; many German soldiers were disabled or even died in the process of clearing mines - in fact In reality, being disabled is essentially equivalent to death, because countries will not use drugs to treat them. Veterans of the German army were extremely afraid of this, and they sought to escape Europe to join the mercenary army. The French Foreign Legion recruited many German veterans, but clearly joining the French was not the best choice, because France more than once gave SS officers to join the Foreign Legion to Americans over the past few months. Therefore, the Chinese Foreign Legion became the best choice, with high salaries, good benefits, modern weapons and equipment, and more importantly, China would not hand them over to the Union. Shove. Just in March, John Rabe, who rescued more than 200,000 Nanjing citizens from the butcher's knife of the Japanese army, got a job in Beiping under the command of the Soviet Army of more than a dozen people. members of the Nanjing Massacre. Beiping No. 1 Power Plant, this proves that Chinese people really have a clear distinction between resentment and resentment, they will never forget those who are indebted to them, if they really want to be ungrateful, John Rabe was starving by now, so people rushed In the past, they took refuge in East and West Germany. Now that the total force of the Chinese Foreign Legion has surpassed the 70,000 mark and is gradually approaching 100,000, the fact that a foreign legion can achieve such a large scale is unprecedented and unprecedented. According to the local turtle's plan, it was intended to use 20,000 to 30,000 German mercenaries to wipe out Britain and France from the Indochina peninsula, but the Soviet Union seemed unwilling to do this... Well, boss , please start your performance.

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    Dozens of tongues of fire suddenly rose from the ground, countless anti-aircraft machine guns of the French army frantically shot into the sky. insect. It's just that shooting down a Mosquito reconnaissance plane flown by a veteran pilot with such firepower is a bit odd. The mosquito reconnaissance plane threw all the anti-aircraft artillery shells, but the anti-aircraft machine gun shells were so dense that they could not be avoided, and the fuselage of the plane was continuously shot. However, the power of this wooden plane was beyond the imagination of the French army. The rain of bullets they rained down on the mosquito spy plane was riddled with small black bullet holes...

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    This roar finally returned the souls of the generals, and they immediately began to regroup, rescue the wounded, and prepare to launch an attack. Danglar is right, they need this victory, France needs this victory! The losses are too heavy. If we retreat in despair, we will lose face in the international arena and the colonial countries will riot! With such powerful military power, if they were to be confronted one after another in Vietnam and lose consecutive battles, who would France take seriously? I'm afraid that Algeria, home of the Foreign Legion, will be the first to rebel, the descendants of the Arabs are not as easy to fool as the blacks!

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    As a Ninh Chan monk and an elder of the Ice Sword Sect, Fu Xingyun had lived in the Ice Sword Sect for hundreds of years and knew the terrain of the rivers and mountains in the Yunling area like the back of his hand. The forty-ton hydrogen bomb was easy to hide. He could rely on his own caution and cultivation, still go to the warehouse outside the Frost Sword Sect gate, place the hydrogen bomb inside, and paste a sticker. The puppet symbol activated on a wooden board. man.

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    Xue Jianqiang suddenly lost his temper and muttered: "If you want to retreat, you have to wait until I finish this battle!"