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    The wind blew strongly, the trees on the hills rustled, the leaves swayed and fell and landed on people's shoulders, making rustling sounds.

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    It was just that he acted hastily, the man was not injured because of that, there was no wavering in his eyes, instead he jumped back, quickly waved his hand, pulled out the long sword hanging from his waist, and waved it around. . fierce facial expression.color.

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    When the longsword and the sword collided, the Xiongnu swordsman's expression changed instantly, and his powerful body slid uncontrollably on the ground for seven or eight meters, his entire face flushed.

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    Tuan Huu holds the white piece, Tran Cung holds the black piece, the two have reached the middle game, the two black and white pieces in the chess game are like two armies fighting fiercely, attacking, defending, sneaking in, luring the enemy in. deep, all kinds of tactics appeared continuously, the fighting was extremely tragic, it seemed that the white side had the upper hand.

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    It was like a volcano that had been suppressed for a long time was slowly erupting at this moment.

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    I'm ready to surrender!

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    You go to the white flag and don't even play!

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    Human nerves have a subconscious mind, sometimes even knowing it is wrong, when hearing bad news, a small void and confusion will appear in the mind. Furthermore, in the current situation, no time All Let Chen Ze think about whether Gao Zhi's words are right or wrong.

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    On the plain, a large army was marching at lightning speed, their heads were full of evil spirits, and blood was filling the sky!

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    After all, in this chaotic age, food is very expensive, and wine needs a lot of food to brew!

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    It is better to surrender at this time than to destroy the city and put everyone in shackles.

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    He was agile and flexible, his whole body was illuminated by white light, like a eagle soaring into the sky. After drawing a few incomprehensible shadows in the air, he swooped down quickly and powerfully, hitting the bird with one blow. bait!

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    Some Hun soldiers began to retreat behind them, suddenly easing the pressure on the side walls.

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    "Huh... huh..." Seeing Lu Bu not moving, the decrepit man let out a cold and helpless laugh.

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    Gao Lan used a knife to cut off the man's head, then spat violently and said with disdain: "I can't even catch a knife! It's really useless!"

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    His entire body and that blood-colored ghost merged into one, and his fist glowed with two types of light, gold and blood.

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    Therefore, this "lone wolf in the desert" simply follows the principle of "work on your own, have enough food and clothing!" 'Nguyen, determined to rely on 'iron and blood', launched a mutiny to take the throne.

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    No one will easily ignore their own life and death in a very arbitrary way.

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    Generals, please send cavalry to search for the whereabouts of the Hun army, in case any trouble occurs.