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    "I will order... all those infected with cholera in the city to be killed without mercy! Those who remain in the streets for more than ten breaths will be considered traitors and spies, and they will be executed without exception!” Lu Bu lowered his hand and placed the strong bow in his hand into the hands of the guards following behind.

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    At this moment, the aura radiating from Gao Zhi's body surprised all the soldiers, including the Hun Rangers who were still struggling with an unparalleled feeling.

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    For a moment, countless Yuan Quan troops fled in fear, but there were also some who fought back fearlessly!

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    Among 6.23 million troops, taking the enemy's head was like picking up something in a bag

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    These people seemed to be still immersed in the surprise of the battle between Lu Bu and the decrepit old man. Although they were secretly protecting a line of defense, they were almost looking at each other. In everyone's eyes, they were obviously carrying by a ray of breath. horrified.

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    The strong fighting the weak does not need so-called rules, but the weak fighting the strong must follow the rules. This is a harsh truth but it is the truth.

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    That's right, this time, could it be the last time? The old soldier calmly said, not the least bit afraid of the situation before him.

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    Difficult environments create elite soldiers!

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    Gao Zhi was excited and reached out to rub the horse's neck heavily.

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    Some Hun cavalrymen who ran back saw Anuda killing crazily, and suddenly felt a lot of hesitation in their hearts.

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    The battle that belonged to Gao Zhi continued, and he, who was rushing one way, simply led the Bingzhou Lang Rider, and wiped out all the foreigners on the way.

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    Behind a group of wounded soldiers, there is a calm and introverted general, Yuan Ting and Yue Zhi, Liao Hua are stationed here.

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    The army raised a cloud of dust several meters high, the ground roared, as if it could not bear this force and was about to crack, the murderous aura was like a mountain, the sea blocked the screams of both sides, they could only silent in amazement.Jing watched the collision scene.

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    His messy hair was cut short with a knife and tied straight to the back of his head, looking simple and savage, and his angular face was full of scars.

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    “Kill, kill, kill.” Facing the fierce attack of more than 10,000 people, several hundred Vu An soldiers still maintained high morale, no, not just high.

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    “…Fuck!” Lu Bo's eyelids drooped slightly, his face immediately became cold.

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    Everyone felt that the killing god was coming to them. Their spirits hit rock bottom and they collapsed!

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    ?????????Boom, click, click, click.

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    Occasionally, one or two bullet-biting people stood in front of them. Niu Mang swung his big ax and was cut into two pieces.

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    So why didn't he recruit and surrender to them?