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    “What are they doing?” Manh Manh didn't understand and looked at the group of stone statues in confusion.

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    What about you! Looking at your dry body, covered in sweat, even your beautiful little face is pale. If someone else saw it, they would definitely call for help immediately. It's all over! Not in a good state. Although she didn't know what Qianqian was going through, just looking at Qianqian's current state, she knew that Wang Han's attack was definitely more vicious than hers. Having practiced for nearly twenty thousand years, she revealed such fear. As soon as she said this, she saw Vuong Han's expression, then smiled shyly and said helplessly: "Master, don't worry, they must safe and sound, moreover, nothing will happen to them, anyway, the change in the sky in five years has nothing to do with them." , who really has a relationship with Thien Ngan, you can't do that, it's too late, it's only five years, we're just a little time cultivating, even though you know that Her fighting ability is lacking. , can you still make it up to her in these five years?"

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    The heads of the meteor worms are arranged in a matrix, and there is that waiting and anticipation in these wonderful and pure eyeballs!

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    ... Vuong Han was speechless, he didn't say anything, he took out the one thing he loved the most from the box, he didn't take the other things away, followed by all the meteorites, he took this one. small. Before leaving, he muttered a few words to himself: "I will take this doll away, but after it is able to survive on its own, I will let it leave me. As for your things, leave them to me." ." .The cost of raising it."

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    He immediately began to follow the previous steps of weakening his soul. This time he had a preliminary plan, that is, when his soul weakened to the point of death, he could directly emit his own breath. This ball of light is impossible for him. believes he cannot survive without this ball of light breath? He firmly believes that his soul will not lose its breath and continue to complete his sketch. This whole process is like taking pearls from the mouth of a river, so it must not be true. is a big problem! And with such a bold way, it has been 400,000 years since he left, and today he once again revealed the ball of soul light hidden in his soul, he does not feel wrong , this light ball's aura is still in his soul like a parasite. He normally can't feel it at all, but if he wants to let a foreign object parasitize his soul, he absolutely This type of behavior will not be allowed to arise.

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    Being in a trance is not the type of loneliness, on the contrary, his mood is extremely calm, this is also because he lowered his head to look at the black flame burning faintly in his palm, shook his head and said: "I don't know what the world is like." How hybrid? what will happen... but I feel like a thousand years ago it was just a dream, now I woke up from the big dream, everyone in the dream was gone, only I appeared on the hospital bed in this world."

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    Right now they... Especially Feng Tian, he could feel very clearly that what his mother was about to say next was definitely not a joke... Even if he violated it, then he will probably be immediately attracted to such a statement. Abandoned woman directly!

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    Vuong Han's words made Porphyrin calm down for a moment before coming back to his senses, thinking that his disciple had really done exactly what An Ke thought. Seeing Vuong Han, he could only smile bitterly. It's not easy, it really isn't easy. But Vuong Han did not intend to discuss this matter further, so he smiled and went to Encore. Mengmeng was arranged to be outside. He wanted to go find Enke alone, at least see if Anke could help him comprehend the world, and also see what Anke himself thought. After Porphyrin agreed with Vuong Han's words, he watched Vuong Han walk away along the underground passage, still having many doubts in his heart, and did not ask his disciple, so his eyes were uncontrollable. fell on Manh Manh, hesitated for a moment, then this matter ended. Smiling, he wanted to ask Mengmeng something related to Vuong Han, but Mengmeng turned his head and ignored Porphyrin. Porphyrin could only sit absent-mindedly alone in front of the table.

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    Returning to the spaceship, Vuong Han left the harbor without thinking. He needed to try to absorb this soul meteorite, and at the same time check whether his thoughts at that time were correct or not. As for the spaceship docking fee, Lutford Starport knows how much profit Vuong Han's visit to the area where they are located will bring them, so even Vuong Han's footprint can be completely simulated and developed. again. Of course, Vuong Han doesn't need to worry about this kind of thing. After all, Lutford Starport itself doesn't need to worry about morality to be able to survive in mixed communities for such a long time.

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    "Cetafe... is this name okay? In the goblin group I lived in before, this name symbolized vitality."

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    The distance between the fire and the small object was only more than 20 miles. It only needed to lightly touch her. Otherwise, Vuong Han would "accidentally" kill her.

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    “Let's go see this place first.” An Kha took a deep breath and then spoke. Everyone separated for a long time before regrouping. She was the first to speak: "I think our previous living environment was very good, but compared to With this place, we used to live in a pig pen, very cramped, not as spacious as the three-room house for one person in this place... So don't say that we now have 28 people, that is 2800 people. people, and each of us can get a free house, without worrying about basic living, and we can finally face the situation that will appear in the future."

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    Specifically, Vuong Han clearly understood the origin of these nine chains. It turned out that he did not come from this planet, nor did he exist from nowhere, but was an existence called the Roja people. , Roja group. . The Roja biome is a relatively ancient biome, its best point when it existed was its comprehension of the surrounding time and space, it was an existence that could pass through space, the entire Roja biome was destroyed. haunted by the realm of Time and Space. space, they want to explore the origin of the entire star sea, hoping to find out why they came and why they left, and even find out what the meaning of life is.

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    It's not difficult to find the coordinates of the previous space. After all, in the Holy City system, there aren't many planes that can kill so many Devourers at the same time. After sifting back and forth, the direct coordinates were obtained. summary. Although the opponent's space-time coordinates may have moved for many years, it is not a big problem, the life portals are upgraded dynamically and they will simulate compensation. So when Vuong Han saw the door of life open, he walked directly into the door of life, the door of life closed, his body was light, he saw the vast ocean below his feet!

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    “If it weren't for those two children, I would have left the temple system more than 200,000 years ago.” Qian Qian said directly, “As the standard head of the temple family, you should not give up. sanctuary group, but I'm different. I am a free person. The main purpose of coming to the sanctuary group is to get to know the heart of the sanctuary. Now that I have control over the heart of the sanctuary, I should try to learn the talents of other biomes like those wanderers. Only in this way can I continue to become stronger and continue to advance in my pursuit of Wang Han, and I stopped because of these two children. It's been more than 200,000 years, and now there's basically no problem with them, so I don't need to stay here, but you don't need to worry either, these two children have completely controlled their mind's gifts. The electricity will stay. Will help you continue to expand the temple group, I think their father will be very grateful to your temple group after hearing the news."

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    “I don't remember clearly.” Keles grinned, "It's not just our elf community, almost all communities are like that. We only care about our own lives. If we have children, then we don't need to do anything. The goblin group's regulations will directly take this child from me, then carry out scientific education, and release it after Chitose becomes an adult. child. My classmates are all like that, we like to do everything ourselves. So even if my biological parents appeared next to me now, I still wouldn't be able to tell them apart..."

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    Right now Isabelle doesn't understand what Cetafe means. She still feels that it is better to have the opportunity to choose. She is a human being, shouldn't people make one decision after another throughout their lives? Why do you have to follow other people's arrangements... It looks silly and has no logic at all. Thinking of this, Isabelle felt like she was still a very normal existence, so she didn't even understand why she was outside this door. She stood here like a silver-haired stone lion, motionless. budged a bit, but essentially, she felt that she was more willing to stay in this place because of her curiosity towards this matter.

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    Ha ha. Vuong Han couldn't help but laugh. The old man's tone was very calm, but what he wanted to express was very simple. After all, he was indifferent to Thien Hen's changes this time. If Thien Hen killed him, many people would be buried with him, and these people would not feel pain, so they were directly swept away. clean. Moreover, if Thien Ngan did not kill him, this time Thien Ngan would only add to the danger of this world, then there is nothing to worry about, as long as you do what you have to do, there will be no impact whatsoever. After all, now that the combat power has reached this year, there is really no need to worry about normal things. Therefore, regarding this issue, Vuong Han did not ask too many questions.

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    "Thinking back, when the holy land's heart matures, the golden system will definitely start to tremble, right? Ha ha... old enemy."

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    The shortest is 1222 years, but the other Star Cang sisters currently don't have much stockpiled, because this type of thing is usually used by some men as a symbol of majesty, and there are not many of them. Many people are willing to buy such a thing, and the number of Silica worms is very rare, and they will naturally eliminate such an organ every ten thousand years, and if such an organ is removed from them, then The original energy will be lost. The management staff said it was very humble.

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    Thinking of this, Vuong Han was as close as possible to the World Devouring Lord. He could clearly see that there were still aquatic plants on the World Devouring Lord's feet, and the sea surface had lost its aura and suppression. finally restored the wind. It turned out very lively. It seemed that the appearance of the Devourer of Worlds had put this space under so much pressure, it had actually broken the sky and caused the wind to stagnate. The Lord of the Devouring World did not even glance at Vuong Han, nor did he even look at the bodies of his companions. The body had just pulled out a giant halberd from the sea and was about to rush forward. leave.

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    When Anke woke up again, she saw the special environment around her. She first looked forward and looked back. She felt like she was sitting on a train, behind her were twenty-seven tribal people. They were all sitting there looking at each other. They really don't know what happened, they just came to this world in confusion, now their souls have been completely cured, helping them restore their bodies is a little bit of energy. regeneration, otherwise, with this skeleton form, there is really nothing to see.

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    How terrifying this power is!

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    "Okay." An Kha slowly nodded, the group separated, she extended her hand to invite, "Come this way."

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    Yes! Manh Manh nodded excitedly and continued Vuong Han's words, "And if I succeed and no one knows what I did, I will feel stupid! I feel like my efforts are completely in vain." useful." Maybe after completing this, it is still possible to divide the good deeds I have done, and they all say that this was done by them, and they live to enjoy the good environment I created for them. I truly found my conscience. Yes, they can burn incense for me at night, then beg me to bless them, they are very pious, but if it is not for fame and fortune, let alone burn incense for me, they will not spit back. At my grave, my lovely ancestors have accumulated virtue... or I can't say that my ancestors have accumulated virtue, but master, you have done too many good things, so I was not abandoned. If this happens, I can directly vomit three liters. blood, then curse them for dividing my labors and stealing the cattle which I brought down in peace! Or if they don't die, they will resist one by one, otherwise they will be cold for a day, and the coffin box will be such a big piece, and be caught here again... Hehe, let them know What is called ginger or spicy? I'm afraid that in the next life, they will directly kick them into the manhole, becoming descendants of those flies buzzing over there. Buzzing and flying here is so fun! Then once it doesn't work, try again. , twice still doesn't work, I'll let them reincarnate into this fly forever and pay with blood!

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    Vuong Han did not hide his talent introduction, but directly displayed in front of them a form of regenerating talent. He stretched out his right hand, and on his right thumb a light blue spiral appeared. This spiral seems to be in the form of an air stream. The air stream slowly rotates and you can hear the sound of a heartbeat. From everyone's perspective, this is really very mysterious, especially when the soul power Vuong Han's strength began to release a little, then they could understand how great this force was. The other side will be!